Servants Of Chaos II CD with exclusive ARKONA track


  • Image of Servants Of Chaos II CD with exclusive ARKONA track
  • Image of Servants Of Chaos II CD with exclusive ARKONA track

Double Digipack CD

Debemur Morti Productions mark 15 years of fervent devotion to the dark arts with Servants of Chaos II, a beautifully-curated compilation featuring 15 exclusive tracks from 14 bands that have contributed to the label’s history.

Rooted - as the label has primarily been since inception - in multiple forms and offshoots of black metal, this diverse array of artists offer up an essential collection of deeper cuts marked by shared authenticity, spirituality and ability to truly transcend the listener.

From the relative traditionalism and first-rate song-craft of label stalwarts BEHEXEN and WALLACHIA through the psychotropic urban surrealism of BLUT AUS NORD and THROANE to the experimental questing of TERRA TENEBROSA and MANES, each previously-unreleased track possesses an inimitable quality and tenacious dedication which typifies the label.

The longevity of DMP is testament to sincerity, proficiency and the will to constantly unearth vital new forms of metallic mysticism – an obsessive quest that continues to evolve and surpass itself in perpetuum.

01. Behexen – Queen of Apostasy
02. Slidhr – Stones on Soil
03. Arkona – Silence in the Dark
04. Aoratos – Ecstases of Dread
05. Blut aus Nord – Dimensions of Chaos
06. Au Champs Des Morts – Sanglot
07. Au Champs Des Morts – Blashyrk (Mighty Ravendark)
08. Wallachia – Transilvanian Majesty
09. October Falls – Without Credence
10. Manes – The Answer is at the End
11. Yerûšelem – Autoimmunity
12. Throane – Nuées
13. Tenebrae In Perpetuum – Triumphata Morte
14. Dødsengel – Thothfire
15. Terra Tenebrosa – Donum Serpentis

Label: Debemur Morti Prod. (2019)
Europe & North America (1-2 items 5€)
Asia & South America (1-2 items 5€)
Australia and Oceania (1-2 items 5€)
Poland (patrz karta "Zamówienia z Polski")

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